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Ancient Greek Lyres

From Ancient Greece to the 21st century, we focus on reconstructing premium quality (fully functional) ancient instruments (lyres, barbiton, phorminx, kithara, sambuca etc.) with the aid of 3d technology &  materials available during the antiquity…

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Anastasios Music Instruments

Unique music instruments made with love and luthier passion to produce great music and amazing sound quality… From ancient Greek lyres to modern Greco-Turkish pear shaped stringed instrument, everything that is constructed by our family must make us feel proud before releasing it to the world market.

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Modern Greco-Turkish music instruments

Bouzouki, baglamas and tzouras manufactured with sophisticated luthier methodologies in order to produce exceptional quality sound.

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Percussion music instruments plucked straight from tradition and handcrafted with love. Check out our ancient Egyptian drum Bendir (with tuning features or not), and stay tuned for more to come in the near future…

Check out our bendir!


“Star Wars” with… Ancient Greek lyres? 

An amazing Star Wars fans’ videoclip by Greek amateur and professional musicians, playing our workshop ancient replica instruments! Damn worth watching it!

“A masterpiece of the epic series of Star Wars played in Ancient Greek instruments!”

For all of our stringed instruments and for as long as the episode of Star Wars will be screened, a 70 euros discount for all of our stringed instruments through our website with the special promo code STARWARS!

Introducing the Cithara of the Golden Age!  

Luthieros Music Instruments announces the launch of our “Cithara of the Golden Age”, a true reproduction of a legendary ancient advanced instruments of the Ancient Greeks, able to produce vibrato and tremolo effect due to its spring mechanism.

It is the first time that such an advanced reproduction of this instrument (with its upper part moving on its own while someone is playing it) is available for purchase to the global music community… and were are really proud of this!

“Game of Thrones” in… Ancient Greece? 

An amazing GoT fans’ videoclip by Greek amateur and professional musicians, playing our workshop ancient replica instruments! Damn worth watching it!

“A bit of Ancient Greece, and a bit of Hollywood at the same time! The handcrafted ancient replica lyres by Luthieros are one-of-a-kind!” –

“The Greeks, who revived the ancient lyre, are playing the theme song of GoT!”

“Wonderful! GoT song played exclusively with ancient Greek lyres!”


‪The Gift of Gods‬!  

‪A series of events that include Ancient Greek Instruments Exhibition, lectures & discussions, live performances by top musicians, workshops on how to construct ancient Greek lyres, and music workshops on playing ancient drums and lyres took place at 4th – 6th of October of 2015 at Thessaloniki, Greece.‬ This is a short music documentary about it.

Camera – Editing – Video Direction
Panagiotis Tsandaris (

Traditional luthier methods meet new technologies, concluding to premium quality instruments…

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