With numerous collaborations, plans and productions of musical instruments of the 21st century ...

3d Labs,

Hellenic University of Thessaloniki

In co-operation with the 3d Labs of International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki (the only state English-speaking university in our country), we made 3d scanning and 3d computer target design for the prototyping stage of our archaic musical instruments produced by the laboratory instrument making “Music Instruments Anastasios “. >

Sound Labs, 

Department of Journalism, AUTH

In co-operation with the Laboratory to Electronic MME Department of Journalism & Mass Media Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, we worked on sound analysis of archaic musical instruments manufactured in the laboratory of the luthier of “Musical Instruments Anastasios”. More specifically, the audio recordings and analysis were made in collaboration with Dr. C. Kalliris and Doctor of Section Riga Kotsaki. >

iWrite Publications,

Pigi Publishing House

In collaboration with the creative studio and Standard Editions Source, the luthier Anastasios Koumartzis has issued two books – luthier guides entitled “Skafto Baglamadaki” and “A.N.E.M.O.”, which enjoyed great success in the ranks of amateur and professional instrument makers, with hundreds of sales and readers all over Greece and many countries abroad.. >

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