Baglamas | Hand painted Unique Greek-Turkish Traditional String Instrument -
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Baglamas | Hand painted Unique Greek-Turkish Traditional String Instrument


Baglamas is a Greco-Turkish traditional stringed music organ that came to Greece with in the 1900s, by immigrants from Asia Minor. Soon, it became the main support instrument of the bouzouki in any band playing Piraeus city style rebetika, a genre evolved during hard times in Greece (in some sense, the Greek blues genre).
Baglamas is smaller version of bouzouki pitched an octave higher (D-A-D), with unison pairs of the four highest strings and an octave pair on the lower D. This stringed instrument is quite popular with musicians who needs something to carry around easily. During the 20th century, it was ideal for hiding it under a coat, as its players were persecuted by the Greek government and baglamas were smashed by the police.
We use maple wood for most of the instrument’s parts, while for the rest we use spruce wood for the soundboxe’s top, and rosewood for its fretboard. For the hand-paintings on its top, we use only natural paints with a layer of varnish for protection. It is worth mentioning here that every kind of wood is carefully chosen for every part of the instrument, taking into account its “musicality” and its durability, but staying close to the instrument’s tradition.
Our baglamas is 54 cm in length, 10 cm in width, while its soundbox is 17.5 x 10 x 7 cm. Last, the length of its vibrating strings is 35.5 cm.
This is a unique top quality instrument with beautiful and rich sound, painted by hand. This is why it is one-of-a-kind…

Every baglamas comes with a set of extra strings, and a booklet in which several modes are explained, along with music sheets of the most well known rebetika songs.
Our instruments are shipped in secure packages, and they are labelled as “fragile” in the postal office.
What’s more, we can manufacture for you top-quality beautifully manufactured custom wooden cases (with your logo or an image of your choice) for storing or moving around your new baglamas!


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