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A family endeavor with passion about music and Greek culture...

Luthieros is a craftsman that loves to take natural materials and give them a new reason for existence: making them able to produce sounds, music, to help people explore their creativity and provoke strong emotions.

Luthieros constructs ancient Greek instruments such as lyres (the music instrument of the God Hermes), modern Greek instruments such as Bouzouki & Baglamas and many more. Moreover, Luthieros loves to share his art with amateur luthiers around the world, to play music, to sing, to create, to have fun, to offer…

Luthieros is based near the ancient Europos, a town flourished during the era of Alexander the Great, whose inhabitants were the first that were ever called Europeans (yeap, it’s true).

But most of all, Luthieros is the Koumartzis familia, a family of musicians, designers, dreamers, craftsmen and craftswomen.


Master Luthier

Anastasios, being a self-taught musician, participated in many music group since his childhood, while during the last two decades, art lutherie became his primary passion. Along with Helen, his wife, founded “Europos’ Musical and Culture Organization” where many young and older people of the local society participate at choir groups, traditional music groups, music festivals etc.

He worked many decades as a veterinarian, and he published two how-to guides about the art of lutherie (A.N.E.M.O. and “Skafto Mpaglamadaki”)


Senior Luthier

Jordan is a professional musician. He has studied in United Kingdom at Middlesex University (bass and contrabass mainly, among other string instruments), he is part of many music bands giving concerts in Greece and abroad.

During his free time, he shares his music knowledge by giving classes of bass, baglamas, lyre and guitar.

At Luthieros team he is the next generation of our luthiers, learning from the best and pushing our music instruments to the next level. 


Research & Development

Nikolaos, second son  of the family, is a graphic & product designer, a published author (with 6+ personal books), and a former publisher (he co-founded the iWrite, Pigi and Daidaleos Publications).

He holds a PhD in Journalism, and an MSc in Strategic Product Design. 

He loves to travel and share what he has with the people he loves.

At Luthieros team he is the one who designs and develops the majority of the instruments in collaboration with the Master and Senior Luthiers. What’s more, he is the one developing our brand identity.


Communication manager

Theodore, the youngest borther of the family, is also a musician being part of La Tuna de Derecho de Valladolid and the founder of Reggetiko Project (www.reggetiko.com).

He studied computer science and worked many years as a web and graphic designer.

He is the communication manager of our team, travelling all around the world, promoting our work and performing live with our ancient Greek lyres and other ancient music instruments.

Premium Quality

We are confident in the quality of our musical instruments, so we off a return option (for any reason) within 10 days of delivery. You do not even have to tell us why!

Research & Development

Constantly looking for something new! For this reason, a large part of our everyday life in the workshop is the research and development of ancient and modern musical instruments that cannot be found in the global market.

Just a click away!

With two Luthieros members being (among the others) computer scientists, this could not be different. The “Luthieros Music Instruments” are a click away with audio clips, photographs, and direct support!

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Our ultimate goal is to provide to professional musicians premium musical instruments with great sound, at a fair price. Get in touch with us and we are sure that we will meet your needs!

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